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The Standby Letter of Credit or SBLC as well as the Bank Guarantee (hereafter ‘Bank Guarantee’) is a payment guarantee generally issued by a bank (the issuing bank) on behalf of a client (the applicant) securing payment to a third party (the beneficiary) for the case that the client fails to fulfill a contractual commitment.  Bank Guarantees demonstrate the client’s repayment abilities and prove his solvency and credit worthiness towards his business partners.  Bank Guarantees are facilitated in international trade transactions, as collateral and as credit enhancement instruments. The use of Bank Guarantees is advantageous for companies that do not want to stake own equity.
Business Finance Consultant Ghana Limited provides all types of Guarantees accepted in international practice:  Payment Guarantee Issued under the Buyer’s instruction in favour of the Seller. Provides execution of the payment obligation by the Buyer under the contract.  Advance Payment Guarantee Issued under the Seller’s instruction in favour of the Buyer for advance payment. Provides return of the sum in case goods are not delivered.  Performance Bond Issued under the Seller’s instructions in favour of the Buyer as a guarantee of proper fulfilment of contract obligations by the Seller.  Tender guarantees This type of guarantee is generally an obligatory condition to participate in tender.  Credit Guarantee Provides credit funds.  Customs Guarantee Business Finance Consultant Ghana Limited has long term experience with the provision of premium bank instruments. We specialize on assisting businesses around the globe whose existing bank facilities are unable to meet their requirements.
Contact us to for a detailed assessment of your business needs.
Processing Procedure  :
  • Business Plan
  • A non – refundable Consultancy fee of GHS 20,000
  • Detailed Company Profile
  • Audited Accounts & Management to date certified by an Auditor in good standing with Institute of Chartered Accountant Ghana.
  • Proof of funds to pay initial Bank Guarantee fee of at least 0.85% of loan