Business Planning


The key to any successful Business is a well thought out, realistic business model and a comprehensively planned strategy. We start by understanding the basic business idea with our clients. We have a detailed questionnaire which helps us to formally gather all the information that is in our client’s mind. With the information collated, we carry out comprehensive research to understand the feasibility of the venture.

In case we come across any gaps, we consult our clients on ways to overcome them. We also add intellectual property to your idea. We are dedicated to your business and would ensure the success by evaluating all the circumstances around it. After we have a basic understanding of your business idea, we perform an Economic, Industry and Company analysis, to understand the environment surrounding your business. We also perform a detailed secondary market research to size your market, identify competitors and business trends. We also perform an exclusive primary survey to analyze the demand for your product or services.

We have access to various archives and reports from which we gather up to date information about your domain. We support our clients with valuable inputs based on the industry best practices across the globe and our experiences across domains to carve out an optimum business model for your venture.

We have a highly effective strategy framework that we use to formulate the most suited approach in making your business successful. We take pride in our financial analysis services. We carry out rigorous accounting and financial planning for your business.

That include Financial Statements, Projections, Financial Indicators, and ROI Metrics, Funding calculations, Cash flow analysis & Valuations. We have expertise in various tools which helps us in standardizing the financial analysis process. Our risk analysis adds a valuable component to your plan, which investors are interested in. We elaborate the risks & mitigation strategies.